Is it worth staying in the Catholic Church?


There are so many reasons, I can list on why I and people in general, should leave the Catholic Church.

Is it really worth staying in the church?

Something that helps me to stay, is the faith of our people, especially in the most oppressed communities.

It helps me to understand, that the church is not only the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and priests etc.

We are also the church, Lay women and men.

Here in NYC, the mass, (our Sunday religious service) is celebrated on any given sunday in more than 15 languages. There are churches that have the mass in three and four languages weekly.

It moves me deeply, to experience the faith of so many immigrants and refuges here in NYC.

They have nothing to do, with the negative image, that President Trump portrays of them.

We are all sinners, but we have to fight so that our church and political leaders can listen to all the oppressed voices in our communities and that they implement those ideas that will benefit our church and society.

Here are some videos:

The first video is of the St Joseph Church of the Holy Family Gospel Choir in Harlem. I also participate in mass sometimes with them.

The second one is of a community here in Harlem, New York of the Eastern Oriental Catholic Church of Eritrea, Africa.  I participate in mass with them sometimes.

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