Letter to Cardinal Dolan demanding support to remove the Columbus Statue in NYC

Photo credit: SOPHIA GUIDA


Letter to cardinal dolan and catholic bishops of the United States.
I hope you are all well.
My name is Felix cepeda and I am a descendant of black and indigenous people from the Dominican republic.
I am a son of immigrants, a US Citizen and a Catholic.
I am writing to ask you to support the removal of statues of catholic saints and of people that catholic and secular Black and indigenous peoples find offensive.
Also please remove statues and paintings of white Jesus from catholic churches.

All the Columbus statues need to be removed in NYC and in this country and masses celebrated every year to honor Columbus need to end.
There are many Italian Americans that I admire like mother Cabrini or Vito Marco Antonio that the Italian community can choose to honor.
I hope you all can listen to the black and Indigenous Catholics and secular people asking for your support to remove these symbols and statues.
No real healing can begin, when the people who helped directly or indirectly to destroy our cultures are still honored.
I pray you will listen.
Felix cepeda
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