Meditation Sunday January 17th 2021

For today, I invite you to watch this live video of jazz music.

Marjorie Eliot, an African American woman and artist has been opening her home, for many years, every Sunday for live jazz in Harlem New York City. She even offers you snacks, lol.
There Is no fee, everything is free, but she does accept donations.
Because of covid, the concerts are now live streamed.
When I think of an ideal world, I think Of those 3 hours that I have spent in her apartment.
Great live music, free food, free shelter, and there is not a set donation price, you can offer what you can and if you do not have any money, that is ok.
Marjorie Eliot Is not rich, imagine if the rich did something like this every Sunday, I think, hopefully this experience would help to transform them and empower them to use their money and power, not just for charity but for justice....
You can watch this sundays peformance here:
this was last sundays performance

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