Is it time to ordain women as deacons?


Pope Francis has the results, that his experts turned over to him, on a study of women Deacons in the Catholic Church.

Now we must wait and see, what Pope Francis will do.

In our church, there are many women serving as Deacons already.

In the Dominican Republic and in many countries around the world, the church simply does not have enough priests.

Women, are the ones responsible for many communities and they are the ones who celebrate the Eucharist, in the absence of a Priest on many Sundays.

The Anglican church in the Dominican Republic, has many women, serving as Deacons and Priests and in the USA, many are working as Bishops.

I have met many of them and their service and witness, does not make me doubt for a second, that their calling comes from God.

We have to pray, protest and organize, until the call of so many Catholic women, will be recognized and they are finally allowed to serve with power as Priests, Deacons, Bishops, Cardinals and even Pope.

Photo credit: Anglican Church in the Dominican Republic
Bileisy Díaz, Women Deacon in the Dominican Republic

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